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Why a Pre-Inspection?


Listing your home in today's marketplace is not as easy as just putting it up on MLS. With an abundance of Inventory out there, your home has to stand out from the crowd.


Your home has to look good, be priced well and come with no surprises for the buyer.


Most purchase agreements today include a clause saying an inspection must be done to the satisfaction of the buyer.


A home pre-inspection can reveal many things that can potentially cause the sale of your home to collapse later.


A pre-inspection can reveal defects in advance that can be dealt with by the seller. These can be items such as:

  • Moisture problems in a shower or tub area
  • Leaking setting seals on a toilet
  • Leaking water pipes and drains
  • Aluminum wiring and also faulty switches and fixtures
  • Envelope water penetration and leaky roofs

These are just a few of the things encountered in a home inspection and most are easily repaired. If not repaired, major items should have at least a couple of estimates so the potential buyer can see what if could cost to repair.


Anything discovered by the buyer's inspection can become a point of negotiation later.


By doing a pre-inspection first and having a copy of the report for a potential buyer, you can increase the likelihood of a completed sale.


Here is a short list of Home Inspectors: 

A typical home inspection will cost less than $500.00 and is always money well spent. 

You make the choice but be sure to inspect.